Label Pince-Oreilles
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Collectif Pince-Oreilles

Gregory Sallet Quintet

Le mouvement crée la matière

Grégory Sallet : saxophones et compositions
Paco Andreo : trombone à pistons
Romain Baret : guitare
Michel Molines : contrebasse
Guillaume Bertrand : batterie
+ Elsa Guiet : violoncelle (1, 8, 10)

Frédérique Finand : recording, mixing and mastering
Jakob Appel : artwork

Elu Citizen Jazz Révélation Jazz Magazine
"Movement Creating Matter" is an act of transformation. Movement itself is, in my eyes, a fluid, organic, and natural act, which - when it gets denser and rhythmic - becomes more structured and static. Visualized rhythm equals repetition. Matter, on the other side, is hard, visible, and edgy. The transformation itself is shown by a circular, spherics movement (music) leading to a midpoint, in which an object is created (the "rhythmic" star). The center remains empty and without color: it remembers the inspired source of its creator, which is the moving sound/vibration. Ultimately, both, in their essence, remain intangible to the eye.

Jakob Appel, graphist

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Année de parution : 2017
Distribution : In Ouïe Distribution