Label Pince-Oreilles
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Collectif Pince-Oreilles

Romain Baret Trio + 2

Naissance de l'horizon

Éric Prost : saxophone ténor
Florent Briqué : trompette et bugle
Romain Baret : guitare
Michel Molines : contrebasse
Sébastien Necca : batterie

All compositions by Romain Baret (CC BY-NC)
Produced by Collectif Pince-Oreilles
Recorded and mixed by Adrian' Bourget at the Artscène Studio in february 2017
Mastered by Raphaël Jonin au studio J RAPH i.n.g
Artwork : Roma

The album Naissance de l’horizon is thought of as a cyclical film : it begins with an explosion, in quintet, symbolizing the beginnings of matter and life; Passes through different states continuously; And closed in symmetry to the first piece by a rise of hope.
The titles linked to each other musically give the  album its unity, in the manner of the discs of progressive rock of the Seventies.
InOuïe Distribution ADAMI SCPP Région auvergne Rhône-Alpes TeamZic

Année de parution : 2018
Distribution : In Ouïe Distribution