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Romain Baret Trio

"All three offer us a nervous and punchy jazz that draws on rock but who knows how to treat"
Pascal Derathé, - october the 31st 2011.

Since its formation at the end of 2010, this band has built an electrical identity in a dynamic of musical research.
Through a precise and scripted writing, the compositions are mixed with improvisations without transition as a whole moving energy and freedom. Steeped in rock, jazz and pop, the music of this trio is determined, take risks, and use suspense and happy ending in an expressionist goal.
The first album Split Moments, which was released in May 2014 on the Label Pince-Oreilles, allows the band to set an aesthetic of its own and to create a musical and human encounter with Éric Prost, which the national reputation as a saxophonist is not to be proved. The album is acclaimed by the specialized press (JazzMagasin, The Chill Jazz Corner, ...).
Even if the inspirations can come from the progressive music (King Crimson, Pink Floyd ...), the one of the Roman Baret remains resolutely Jazz, as much by the improvisation as by the color of the compositions. The strong rhythmic research, largely influenced by the drummers of the current jazz scene like Ari Hoenig and Dan Weiss, or of the european musicians like Marc Ducret, Stéphane Huchard and Laurent Dehors.

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Romain Baret : guitar
Michel Molines : double bass
Sébastien Necca : drums

+ Éric Prost : tenor saxophone
+ Florent Briqué : trumpet & flugelhorn

Split momentsNaissance de l'horizon


Naissance de l'horizon (au C...
Follow and Switch
La Guerre des Classes n'a pa...
A Rise of Hope
Patience Gratuite
Journey to the 55 Bar - studio
L'Artscène Studio #3
Le jour suivant - Bertet-Musique
extraits - Périscope


"The album offers a fusion of different styles, played with skill and panache, to create something that is often fresh and frequently exciting. It is a release that I have no hesitation in recommending. I have enjoyed Naissance de l’horizon so much, that it has been my go to album for a number of weeks. After repeated plays, it continues to reveal hidden depths and subtleties to explore. Each tune has something distinctive to offer, and the album is a delightful and satisfying experience"

Owen Davis
"Little model of rock energy where winds have a strong part to play."
"This takes after a chain reaction : the winds scald the strings which answer in successive explosions extremely controlled. With this 5tet we are in the culture broth that gave life : braces, mistakes, wrong paths but a bright result. "

"foisonnante merveille de la nouvelle scène jazz-rock."
"Il n’y a plus qu’à rêver yeux fermés… mais oreilles grandes ouvertes…"

Médiathèque Argentan Intercom
"a rebirth for Romain Baret !"

Alex Dutilh
"The result of a rich writing in nuances, each of the pieces we listened to was distinguished by a strong sense of theatricality. Supporter of the breaking with an almost visual lyricism, Romain Baret, embed in these compositions the little stories of his great history by offering to his musical comrades spaces of (re)creation not insignificant, thus developing pictures with a tickling the states of mind."

Yves Dorison
"More colors for even more vibrant music. "
"As learned and remarkably constructed that are the nine compositions of the disc, as virtuoso are their interpretation, it is first of all a feeling of jubilation that wins the ones who will make the trip."
"Romain Baret, vigilant guardian of the constructions he builds (he is the one who signs the entire repertoire), is constantly on the lookout, supported by an accomplice and inventive rhythm, he keeps relaunching the machine with spirited interventions, very charged with electricity. "
"It is a question of dreams, resistance and hope in this Naissance de l'horizon on which blows a very invigorating wind."
"Above all, it is clear that this record, a somptuous continuation of its predecessor Split Moments, ofers itself like an ode."

Denis Desassis
"Even Respire is made of this rock guitar despite a title that might suggest something softer. But do not be fooled. We are here in a vein fundamentally jazz"
"In addition to exhilarated chorus, we note that downright fiery riffs compete with milder moments."

Gilles Gaujarengues
"imagination is at the rendezvous of this fusion"
"comes in constantly changing climates and quite promising."

François Marinot
"Un horizon un brin instable et vacillant, pétaradant parfois, mais sans monotonie aucune justement.(...)
Un beau disque de jazz progressif bien cuivré à écouter en live"

Alain Lambert
"Imbibé de rock et de jazz, l’opus déborde d’énergie et de puissance"

Nicole Videmann
"La guitare électrique de Romain est pleine de l'histoire de l'instrument (...) et déroule les thèmes avec recherche et élégance.
(...) Sax ténor et guitare dialoguent dans une cohérence sonore très au point (...) Cette Naissance de l'horizon constitue une très belle histoire, que nous racontent ces cinq musiciens chevronnés."

Bernard Cassat
"un son énergique et accrocheur n’excluant pas la mélodie parfois chantonnée"
"on assistera à différentes phases souvent intenses"
"le guitariste sidère par sa virtuosité"
"Un disque plus rageur et attachant que Split Moments, confirmant la place de qualité que ce trio augmenté s’approprie peu à peu."

Florence Ducommun
"On entent à ses côtés Romain Baret (elg) qui supervise de son côté un beau trio sur "Split Moments", signe que ces musiciens, à l'instar de nombre de leurs collègues en France, savent articuler leurs projets de solistes et de groupes, pour une musique qui n'ignore rien des avancées présentes. Ils occupent l'espace avec savoir-faire et de belles audaces."

Philippe Méziat
"The music of the Romain Baret Trio is a combination of rock, jazz and pop all blended together to create their unique eclectic sound"

Jazz Chill
"Romain Baret laisse libre cours à son envie d’énergie et s’offre même parfois des accents plus populaires tout au long d’un répertoire dont les maîtres mots sont l’énergie, le punch, la fougue et la virtuosité.
Premier album du jeune label grenoblois Pince-Oreilles, « Split Moments » ouvre de fort belle manière une voie royale que l’on souhaite longue et parsemée de nombre de belles choses…"

Fred Delforge
"Avec humour, Romain Baret nous propose un "Éloge de la lenteur" que n’aurait pas renié John McLaughlin. Cette musique anguleuse, vive, tonique est la première publication du label du collectif grenoblois "Pince-Oreilles"."

Thierry Giard
"La course est plaisante et la musique dynamisante et énergisante à souhait. Evitant les pièges des simplifications outrancières, les musiciens nous proposent une exploration des sonorités de la guitare combinée avec un interessant travail de recherche rythmique."

Michel Mathais
"Les trois nous proposent un jazz nerveux et punchy qui tire sur le rock mais qui sait nous ménager quelques (rares) moments de douceur. Sébastien Necca est très à l'écoute et impulse un jeu ciselé allant même à jouer de la cymbale à l'archet. (...). Ce groupe (...) a su nous en mettre plein les oreilles et nous surprendre."

Pascal Derathé