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Adrian' Bourget

Adrian' Bourget - par
Sound designer, sound recordist, mixer and soundman, Adrian’ Bourget was initiated with various musical instruments by his parents.
He studied jazz music and percussions in the classes of Michel Visse and with the pianist Rémy Goutin.  He discovered systems and studio engineering in ‘l’Arscène Studio’ where he conducted sessions of recording with Adrian Shiver (Peter Gabriel), Jean-Pierre Spirli (Les Wampas, Decouflé, Benjamin Biolay,…).
He conducts many recording sessions and live sound engineering since 2005, working on many different projects.
Adrian’ is the soundman of Mazalda with which he invented the « Turbo Clap Station » : Spatial dispersion multiphonic technology with fifty speakers all around the public.
He performs with Sylvain Rifflet - Mechanics (Victoire du jazz 2016 award and Best Album of the Year) Carina Salvado, Le Magnetic Ensemble, Lunatic Toys, Mazalda, France Télévision, Cie La Cordonnerie, Le Surnatural Orchestra, Vegan Dallas (…)

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