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Michel Molines

Michel Molines - par Ignacio Grez
Ignacio Grez
Graduated from the music Conservatory of Chambéry, poly-instrumentalist, he has worked on several projects: Tribute Quintet, Matthieu Fattalini Quintet, and collaborates with Éric Prost and Nicolas Dieudonné.
He is part of many orchestras: Romain Baret Trio, Grégory Sallet Quintet, Anne Quillier 6tet... which allows him to forge a studio experience : Retour en Sogdiane (Matthieu Fattalini Quintet), Look inside (Seb Necca 4tet), Split moments (Romain Baret Trio + Éric Prost), Continuation, echoes and rhythm (Grégory Sallet Quintet) Daybreak (Anne Quillier 6tet), Le Mouvement Crée la Matière (Greg Sallet 5tet), Dusty Shelter (Anne Quillier 6tet).
Projects flourish and the concerts take place from duo to big band, with a multitude of musicians including Pierre Drevet, Stéphane Foucher, Les Glossy Sisters, Karim Maurice, Andy Baron, Anne Quillier and Romain Nassini. Collectifs Polycarpe and Pince-Oreilles of which he is a member, as well as the group Salsa Nueva Esencia and the Seb Necca 4tet.

Miniatures du dedanssélection d'épicesNaissance de l'horizonDusty SheltersLe mouvement crée la matièreDaybreakSplit momentsContinuation, echoes and rhythmLook insideRetour en Sogdiane