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The two musicians produce a new texture of sound in the air, mixing shrill and tingling resonances with smooth acoustic vibrations.The compositions are put in space through a fascinating sound-engineer creating literaly a sound firework for the ears. A univers without concessions, filed with a rich complexity, where doors are being opened. Habits are disrupted using loops, pedal effects, minimal and noise music, dissonance and saturation, creating a unique and addictive  musical environment.
Watchdog is Jazz Migration 2017 Laureate (The most important project for French emerging creative jazz musicians), as well as 1st Prize winners of the 36th National Jazz in La Défense Contest (as part of the A. Quillier 6tet). Pierre Horckmans (bass, alto and Bb clarinets, effects) and Anne Quillier (Fender Rhodes, piano, analog synthesizer, voice) joined by Adrian Bourget (sound designer) transgress the stylistic borders, play with each other, interact, take risks and overpass every limits in a constantly changing acoustic world.

New realease : Can of Worms

" This albun creates right ahead a state of dreaming, not like a boring afternoon, but the one with bubbling blood in your veines. Running emotions disorientated till they explode full of passion. Never to miss ! "
Louis-Julien Nicolaou, Les Inrockuptibles

Jazz News
" It is clearly one of the most beautiful disc of the end of the year"
Florent Servia, Jazz News

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Anne Quillier : Fender Rhodes, Analog Synthesizer
Pierre Horckmans : Bb, alto and bass clarinets, effects
Adrian' Bourget : Sound-engineer

You're welcomeCan of worms




"(...) Watchdog, le duo français de Anne Quillier et Pierre Horckmans a véritablement enflammé le Ca’ de Bezzi.
Cette musique toute en rondeurs et en pulsations a fait forte impression auprès des journalistes europé présent.e.s à ce festival international. (...)"

Matthieu Jouan
"French duo Watchdog opened with keyboardist Anne Quillier’s Minimoog swoops, as Pierre Horckmans’ clarinet notes slid alongside in Ashes; the combination of natural instrument timbres with electronic Fender Rhodes sounds was intriguing. Quillier played grand piano with one hand and the Rhodes with the other, layering repeated rhythmic patterns, like some of Michael Wollny’s work with Tamar Halperin – but with only one Anne Quillier. Horchmans opened Blind Drunk with percussively tongued bass clarinet, and the primal, deep bubbling notes echoed the Fender Rhodes bass beats. A little overblowing brought a rock intensity to his bluesy solo, while Quillier’s gentle vocal lines added another texture. The clarinet drawled bluesily over two chords in 5/8 with impish energy, while Quillier’s jazz solo on grand piano twined intricately with the Fender Rhodes chords and simple clarinet lines. Another piece had a folkish melody, skipping across the beat with a little klezmer. Waves pulsed darkly, and clarinet harmonised electronically with itself, the whole rocking to a conclusion. Another used musical box tones and fluttering arpeggios; the next veered between classical and rock vibes, while the bass clarinet solo was full of dark fire. Pile of Scrap’s prog jazz feel growled with clarinet overtones. The varied timbres, patterns and solos combined to draw you in and keep you mesmerised."

Alison Bentley
"Les coups de coeur de Fara C.

These improvisers and painters of unspeakable, generate a striking sideral pallet, with an amazing musical coherence. (...)"

Fara C.
"Can of Worms is highly recommended for anyone who finds beauty and creativity in the madness of consciously rushing straight into the wall. And adventurous music. Close to jazz because the compositions are above all instrumental and give the beautiful part to improvisation. Close to pop for nude and singing melodies. And close to rock and punk for a taste of skipping uncensored and progressive. It is a music that explores dark areas, pierces them and leads to calm and full waves. Cape to catharsis. (...)
Watchdog exercises and thus transmits a therapeutic process of music, which far from being a means of externalizing folded on itself, shares a super powerful energy. (...)
The two instrumentalists have developed mutual listening that is beyond comprehension. (...)"

"Curiosities are like magnets: you can't help but be drawn to them, whether they are dangerous or not. Watchdog is a magnet. On paper, she - Anne Quillier - works with the piano, the Fender Rhodes or the Moog. He, Pierre Horckmans, plays the bass clarinet. Two years after You’re Welcome, their double-act is just as intriguing as ever. In fact, it’s fascinating on this second work, which unveils simple little melodies that they take underground, into the ethers, and into the sky with the help of Adrian' Bourget, their sound engineer, a real artisan who propels their creations into the realm of the spirit. For Can Of Worms, Watchdog evoke such disruptive influences as John Surman, Nik Bärtsch, Philip Glass and several hundred others, but somehow they are still able to find their own style, their own sound. Our explorers alternate between the naïvety of a gentle tune and the madness of an electric tsunami. A suppleness which renders their project even more unique. Surprising and captivating."

Marc Zisman
"Elu Citizen Jazz
Can of worms is without any doubt one of the greatest musical success of 2017"

Raphaël Benoit
"A magic cohesion, an undeniable symbiosis, the Watchdog duo released one of the most memorable albums of 2017.

Flore Caron
Indispensable Jazz New
It is clearly one of the most beautiful disc of the end of the year (...)"

Florent Servia
"The Watchdog album "Can of Worms", a most intriguing musical UFO released on October 13, 2017!
For their second album, the
Watchdog duo brings their musical research and proposes ten original musical pieces. They take the listener into new worlds with strange atmospheres, melodic "Beerman in Beremen", dissonant "Intro", glaucous "Can of Worms", mixing acoustic and electronic sounds.
A must for curious people who like to be surprised and disturbed."

J.C Colletto
"At the beginning of 2016 the first disc of this duet ( "You're Welcome") had aroused an admiring interest. The interest (and the admiration) are confirmed with this new opus (...)"

Xavier Prevost
"Vigilance is a necessity and WatchDog ensures that our society does not hinder the freedom to create, to imagine today's music so that tomorrow is more open, brighter. (...) Do not miss them and, in any case, do not miss this album: it deserves your listening and your support!"

Thierry Giard
"This album creates right ahead a state of dreaming, not like a boring afternoon, but the one with bubbling blood in your veines. Running emotions disorientated till they explode full of passion. Never to miss!"

Louis-Julien Nicolaou
"Watchdog cultivates a wide search for nuances, textures and timbres through this admirable and judicious "mixture of strident electricity and the softness of acoustic vibration". Thus, one easily passes electric and saturated pieces to the complete sketch, without any effect. It's addictive and exciting."

Katia Touré
"With a sometimes grunge sound, Anne Quillier and Pierre Horckmans display explosives complicity and art of the interplay.
As if John Surman and Nik Bärtsch where playing Radiohead!"

Mathieu Durand